Wholesale Mastery: Navigating the RAZ TN9000 Puff 5 Pack Experience

In case you have noticed that your loyal customers are in an urge for a new disposable that can deliver a premium vape production, you have come to the right place, since we are about to present a true marvel that is finally available in bulk.

We are talking about the latest RAZ TN9000 Puff, which has taken the world of vaping by storm. It is designed by one of the leading brands on the market, Geek Vape Lab, which only shows how amazing it is. Never were we disappointed by a single device crafted in their labs, and that is why we’re 100% sure we would love this one as well. And luckily, we were completely right!

Raz TN9000 is simply exceptional, and having it as a part of your collection would be a smart business move. If you want to know what makes this device so special, make sure to stay with us until the end. Once you are done reading, you can go ahead and visit one of the leading distributors, Vanilla Blue Distro, and place your order.


A Device Worth Your Attention 

Thanks to the never-ending offer of new devices, it may be tricky to know which ones are worth investing in. It is crucial to do a little bit of research and find out which products come as highly recommended. But, since we know that can be time-consuming, we have decided to make things easier for you and recommend yet another game-changing device that will for sure be among the most wanted ones in your shop.

Raz TN9000 is truly a revolutionary disposable that is made with great attention to detail and uses only top-notch components for impeccable performance. The very first thing that makes it extra special is the presence of a smart power screen display window designed to deliver a convenient vaping adventure.

It has two very useful light indicators that will make everyone’s vaping better than ever. The first light is there to inform vapers about the battery level. We all know that there is nothing worse than running out of battery power mid-session, and thanks to this feature, we don’t have to deal with that anymore. It is simple to recharge a 650mAh battery using a USB Type-C cable.

The second light is intended to provide details about the e-juice level. Users will know exactly how much liquid is left in the tank, and when it would be the right time to come to your store one more time and purchase a brand-new device. To start with, vapers will be treated to 12ml of high-quality vape juice, and thanks to this amount, they can enjoy approximately 9000 puffs, which is truly a remarkable count, and one the highest ones on the market.


Beginner-Friendly Disposable 

Vaping is becoming more and more popular as days pass by, which means that many new enthusiasts are looking forward to finding out what makes it so special. For each one of them, it is important to start their vaping journey with a beginner-friendly device that requires zero maintenance. And RAZ TN9000 will provide just that. Everyone will be able to enjoy its ease of use and take pleasure in some delicious draws whenever the craving emerges.

We also need to mention that this device has an adjustable airflow control, and that makes it stand out from its competition. This makes it perfect for vapers with various vaping habits, and we are sure that even the most demanding vapers will find it interesting.

Just like all the other exceptional products of this kind, this one is made using advanced dual mesh coils as well. This will not only help it last longer, but most importantly, it will improve the flavor intensity. So, everyone who uses it will be able to relish luscious hits that won’t cause any throat irritation.


Eye-Catching Design 

Since we take our disposable with us at all times, it must be super portable and lightweight. All devices produced by Geek Vape Lab fit into this category, and that is why they are always among our top picks.

When it comes to the Raz TN9000 puff disposable vape device, it will provide a true delight for everyone who makes it their next puff maker. It has one of the best designs we have seen recently, and we are sure that many will appreciate it as well. It has a practical box shape, and the super narrow and transparent mouthpiece will make inhalation easy.  

An array of Delectable Aromas 

We never recommend a device unless it is available in a range of palatable flavors that can cater to the needs of vapers coming to your store. When opting for Raz TN9000 Puff wholesale 5 pack you can choose from 16+ flavors. The best thing about this collection is its versatility, so rest assured you will be able to stock up on numerous options and offer something to everyone.

In case you know that flavor aromas are always highly requested, then we advise opting for flavors like Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Cherry Lemon, Blueberry Watermelon, and Banana Coconut. These are among the best blends we have ever tried out, and we believe they will fulfill the needs of numerous fans of vaping. But surely, the aroma that stands out the most is called Tiffany, the perfect combination of kiwi and watermelon.

If, on the other hand, you are on the hunt for some incredible menthol-based flavors, there is a plethora for you to choose from. Miami Mint, Grape Ice, Polar Ice, and Strawberry Ice are just some of the outstanding options you can consider ordering.


Buying devices in bulk is always advised for everyone who wants to run a successful business. Doing this comes with a lot of benefits, so visit trustworthy supplier Vanilla Blue Distro as soon as possible, and deliver some of the finest devices to all your customers. Trust us, they will love using them!

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