Collection: Fume

Fume disposable vapes are compact and have a modern device body design. These vape devices s are very popular because they don't require maintenance and come pre-filled with high-quality e-liquids. The device itself has a soft-touch finish for added grip and comfort. There are over 30 available e-juice flavors of Fume disposable vapes.

Fume Wholesale

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.Devices made by Fume are perfect for vapers who want to enjoy some long-lasting vape sessions and treat their taste buds to some savory and one-of-a-kind aromas. With each device, Fume treats users to an exceptional journey into the world of remarkable flavors, cutting-edge design, and innovative features. In the ever-evolving world of vaping, this brand stands out as a perfect choice for everyone who loves combining convenience and incomparable taste.
It is worth mentioning that each disposable manufactured by Fume beats its competition thanks to its portability. Disposables must be super compact, for vapers to enjoy some high-quality puffs anytime they crave some, and this brand understands that perfectly. Their creations can easily be placed inside a pocket or purse, so the users can always have them on hand. Each disposable device is a work of art, making it worth investing in. These ergonomically crafted products will fit seamlessly into everyone’s palm, and super narrow mouthpieces will deliver seamless inhalation
Besides that, each product is made using only first-rate components in order to provide premium vape production. They store thousands of puffs, so making constant repurchases is not necessary. Fans of vaping can enjoy smooth and strong hits throughout the entire journey. Fume's commitment to both form and function ensures that users not only taste excellence but also indulge in the artistry of modern vaping, and this is a combination that is very hard to find. When it comes to available aromas, they are all made using meticulously selected premium ingredients. Each device is available in a huge number of flavors, so it will be very easy for vapers to find the one that will thrill their taste buds. That is why each of Fume’s devices will easily redefine everyone’s vaping journey, making it incredible, and worth talking about.