Wholesale Clash: Decoding the Differences Between Geek Bar Pulse and Breeze Smoke Pro

Just when we thought that the realm of vaping could not surprise us anymore and that more or less, we have seen everything, some top brands are appearing and proving us wrong. We can say with great certainty that we cannot remember the last time that a disposable has blown us away, and that is why we are very excited to talk today about not one, but two top-notch products that have managed to leave us in awe.

In case you are a shop owner we truly believe that having them as a part of your offer would be a smart business move, since they will for sure keep your old customers happy and attract some new ones. So, without any further ado, let us present an exceptional Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Puff and supreme Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff. They are different enough to cater to the needs of vapers with different preferences, but what counts the most is that they both perform incredibly, and that they will deliver a premium vape production. 

Make sure to stay with us until the end, as we unveil all the details about these two disposables that have quickly become among the most wanted ones in the market. You will be glad that now thanks to Vanilla Blue Distro, you can get them in wholesale packaging, and have them available for everyone who is looking for new ways to step up their vaping game and have tasty vaping sessions.

A True Powerhouse Full of Luscious Puffs!

As the vaping industry keeps on expanding, vapers' appetites are growing as well. We all live in quite a fast-paced world, which means that we don't have a lot of time to go and get new devices all the time. That is why it is key to find one that can offer an extensive number of draws per device, and Geek Bar Pulse 15000 fits into that category perfectly. We cannot forget to mention that fans of vaping will be thrilled to see that they can use this device in two different modes. The very first one is regular, which offers 15K draws, while the other one is called pulse mode, and it delivers half of that amount. This can help vapers customize the way they vape a bit more, which is surely always a plus.

When ordering Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Wholesale 5 Pack you will have an opportunity to choose from 20 flavors, which is yet another perk of opting for this marvel. This will help you make your offer as versatile as possible, and have something ready for everyone, regardless of their likings. There are some extraordinary fruity blends, but also some one-of-a-kind menthol-based aromas. Each one of them is made using only high-quality ingredients, which will make each puff as smooth and satisfactory as possible. 

Another standout feature of this device is its smart power screen display windows, which can help users have better control over vaping. Thanks to the battery light indicator they will know when is the right time for a quick recharge. On the other hand, an e-liquid light indicator will keep them informed about the juice level at all times. That is how they will not run out of some delectable hits when they need them the most.

Compact Device Perfect for Everyday Use 

Moving on to Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff, which is quite the opposite of the device we mentioned previously. Unlike Geek Bar contestants, Breeze Smoke one offers way fewer puffs, which works perfectly for many vapers. They don't want to stay attached to one device, and one aroma for a very long time, and that is why they choose some disposables they can use up faster.

Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff Wholesale 10 Pack is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to have a super compact device by their side, so they can put them inside their pocket or purse effortlessly, and carry on with their day. It is made with portability in mind, and we are sure that many people coming to your store are on the hunt for that. Still, even 2000 draws are more than enough to last for a few days, depending on vaping habits, and provide supreme vape enjoyment.

It is ideal for those who are just starting to vape since it requires zero maintenance. Also, it is draw-activated, so taking a first puff is all it takes to get familiar with its magic. It is available in 22 amazing aromas, and we have to say that this is one of our favorite collections out there. It is executed perfectly, and it truly has something for everyone. We will name just some of our personal favorites, but no matter which one you end up choosing, one thing is for sure. You will not regret it!

In case you know that many of your clients cannot get enough of some fruit mixtures, you need to award them to Orange Mango Watermelon, Pineapple Coconut, Blueberry Watermelon, and Raspberry Lemon. With each puff, they will transport users straight to some charming orchards where they can relax and enjoy their day to the fullest. 

For those seeking a breath of fresh air, we have a few recommendations as well. The very first one is Mint, and it is the ultimate refreshing option. In case you want to really make your shop stand out from its competition, you can do that by investing in some unique flavors, such as Banana Mint, Strawberry Peach Mint, Menthol, and Lemon Mint. They taste heavenly, so don’t wait anymore. Visit Vanilla Blue Distro right now, add them to your cart, and watch your business thrive.

As you can see, both devices are special in their own way, and that is why having them on your shelves is a tactical move. It will help you run a successful store that everyone would like to visit and explore.

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