Myle Drip 2000 Puff Disposable

Myle is a well-known name in the vaping industry and the first choice for numerous vapers around the globe. From the moment they introduced us to their first device back in 2016, it was clear that Myle brought in a breath of fresh air with their unique design, bold flavors, and advanced vaping technology. 

When it comes to their disposable series, there is a device that can suit every vaper’s needs. Their Drip series is certainly one of the strongest and most requested disposables on the market which is a huge plus for any passionate vaper who is looking for a durable and reliable device. 

If you fit that category or are a total beginner who wants to quit smoking and is on the lookout for the next best thing, we suggest you stay with us and see for yourself why Myle Drip is one of the best-selling disposables in the market. Before we take you on another exciting vaping tour, we want to remind you that we at Vanilla Blue Distro have amazing disposable vape wholesale packages offer which are great for your budget and your peace of mind. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Experimenting with a design of disposable vapes can be tricky since people are used to having a product that comes with certain characteristics. However, Myle made sure to modify the appearance just enough to make it look more interesting but to still fit the palm just perfectly and remain easy to use. 

The product of that is Myle Drip which comes in a unique bottle-shaped design, glossy finish, and an extra layer of plastic for added sturdiness. This makes this device attractive to look at, comfortable to hold, and almost impossible to damage if dropped. 

The device comes with modest dimensions, and it fits a bag, pocket, or purse easily. You can take it wherever you go, and it still doesn’t attract much attention thanks to its subtle colors. If you are looking for a device that is both eye-pleasing and technically impeccable, then Myle Drip is a great option for you. 

Also, the rounded and small mouthpiece resembles regular cigarette smoking a lot which is another plus for those who require a smooth transition to vaping. 

Huge Tank Capacity and Powerful Battery for A Prolonged Satisfaction 

Like its name suggests, Myle Drip 2000 will ensure over 2000 delicious puffs where the first and the last one comes with equal intensity. Thanks to the high-quality coils and 1.7ohm resistance, the draws are both smooth and powerful without throat irritation or coughing. 

The built-in 850mAh battery and 6ml tank capacity will take you on an all-day vaping journey that can last up to a week depending on your vaping style. The device is draw-activated and doesn’t include any buttons or maintenance which makes it super easy to use. Another great thing about this device is that there is no hissing sound when taking a draw, so you can rest assured that Myle Drip provides an utterly discreet vaping experience. Also, Drip is fully waterproof and comes with anti-leak technology, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the device when there is contact with any liquid. 

Still, Myle Drip is one of the most affordable devices considering its overall quality and durability, so it is clear that this disposable has great value for money which is another reason why you should consider our disposable vape wholesale offer. We keep our stock full and our prices reasonable, and a single package includes 10 pieces where each is original and fresh. We guarantee that!

TFN In Myle Drip Disposables

You’ve probably noticed that most reputable vaping manufacturers are going for a TFN option for e-liquids, and we will tell you why that’s the case. 

First of all, TFN or Tobacco-free nicotine is considered to be the purest form of nicotine made in the lab that comes with the same properties as naturally derived tobacco. Since it is completely odorless and tasteless, it serves as a great basis for the given flavor making it even more intense and distinguished. Since Myle has always been famous for its amazing flavors, this allowed its devices to amaze you entirely with much more aroma and potent taste. 

It all already sounds pretty impressive, but we haven’t covered the most thrilling part yet which is the Myle Drip’s exceptional flavor palette. 

Fruity, Minty, or Both – It Is Your Call!

If you are a fan of refreshing juicy and minty disposables, you’ll love these devices. For those who like single fruit flavor, you can choose between sweet Prime Pear, slightly sour Red Apple, and ultimately creamy and seducing Sweet Mango

In case you prefer fruity mixes, the first one we recommend is Aloe Grape with delicately sweet grapes and refreshing and energizing aloe mix that will brighten up your day and keep you in a good mood. 

When it comes to pure mint flavor disposables, there are two options – Iced Mint and Los Ice. The main difference is that the first edition comes with a subtly sweet finish at the end of the draw, and the second one is more intense and refreshing. 

Fruit and mint flavor blends rule the flavor palette, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Frozen Banana, Peach Ice, Mango Ice, Blue Razz, Green Apple Ice – just name it, Myle made it. They all have a single thing in common and that’s the well-balanced e-liquid formulation where the mint is not too overwhelming, so you can taste the fruity note well. 

Finally, there is a single Tobacco version for those who feel a bit nostalgic – Sweet Tobacco. Other flavors include Bano which is a tart-like creamy delight, High Energy, a real kick of energy boost to help you get through the day, and White Gummy which resembles the taste of Fruity Gummy Bears that we all adored back then (or still do). 

Whichever flavor you select, you can be sure that you’ve picked the highest-quality disposable device that will exceed your expectations and make you include it in your personal vape collection. Therefore, treat yourself to our unique disposable vape wholesale offer, and ensure yourself a pleasure that never stops. 

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