Flum Float 3000 Puff vs. Funky Republic Fi3000 - Mighty Disposable Vapes in Wholesale Packs

Have you noticed that shelves in your vape store have become a little dull recently, and you are wondering how to attract more vapers to your shop? Well, as always, we are more than ecstatic to help you! We are experts when it comes to everything vape-related, and as per usual, we have some tricks up our sleeves, and today we are willing to share them with you. We know that it can be a challenge to run a successful business, but as long as you have us as your source of information, you are off to a good start.

Today we will unravel the magic of two premier disposable vapes that you need to have in your shop - the Flum Float 3000 puff and the Funky Republic Fi3000. We will provide all the insights you need to make a well-informed choice on which of these two devices you want to invest in next.

A True Puff Power Extravaganza

The heart of any disposable vape lies in its puff count, and both the Flum Float 3000 puff and Funky Republic Fi3000 promise an extravagant vaping experience. Vapers don’t want to buy new devices all the time, and that is why it is important to treat them to some products that can last quite some time.

With the Flum Float 3000 puff disposable vape wholesale 10 pack, everyone who loves vaping can indulge in a symphony of approximately 3000 smooth puffs per device. Each hit maintains its intensity from the initial draw to the final exhale. The convenience of the 10 pack ensures you will have a device ready for whoever steps inside your store and looks for this highly popular device that everyone is talking about nowadays. 

When it comes to the Funky Republic Fi3000 disposable vape wholesale 10 pack it also delivers around 3000 flavorful puffs. It is designed to award everyone who is using it with thick vapor production, with each hit delivering a taste sensation that resonates with the discerning vaper. Opting for a bulk purchase not only ensures a consistent supply but also eliminates the need for frequent reordering, adding extra convenience for owners who never want to run out of some highly demanded devices.

Compact Devices Perfect for On-a-Go Vaping

Aesthetics play a pivotal role in the vaping experience, and the design of these devices is something that is for sure worth talking about. So, let's delve into the visual appeal of these two devices so you can see that they can cater to different style preferences.

Flum Float stands out with its sleek and compact design, offering unparalleled portability. The ergonomic cylindrical tube shape fits snugly in the palm and ensures a secure hold throughout the vaping sessions. It is one of the most compact devices on the market, so when it comes to handiness, nothing can beat it!

In contrast, Funky Republic Fi3000 embraces a box-shaped design, adding a touch of uniqueness to its appearance. Despite its slightly bulkier form, it remains highly portable and demands minimal maintenance, thanks to its user-friendly design. Just like the Flum contestant, it can be easily put inside a purse or pocket, so everyone who uses it can enjoy some luscious puffs throughout the day.

E-Juice Capacity Chronicles

When it comes to the capacity of the e-juice tank, it is important to explore which devices deliver the higher amount of this precious liquid, and now we will explore how the Flum Float 3000 Puff and Funky Republic Fi3000 stack up in this crucial department.

Funky Republic Fi3000 features a built-in pod with an impressive 5ml capacity. In comparison, Flum Float comes with a slightly larger pre-filled tank, holding 8ml of vape juice. The convenience of both devices being pre-filled eliminates any concerns about messy refills, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Maintaining consistency in nicotine strength, both brands deliver 50mg of salt nicotine. This level guarantees a smooth vaping experience without causing throat irritations, allowing vapers to savor velvety and tasty hits for an extended period.

When it comes to battery strength, you need to know that both devices are created using 800mAh built-in battery, so everyone can enjoy prolonged vaping sessions without having to think about whether the battery will run off fast.

Flavor Expedition

No vaping journey is complete without exploring the delectable flavors on offer. Both Flum Float 3000 Puff and Funky Republic Fi3000 ensure a delightful vaping experience since their aromas are made using only high-quality ingredients.

Flum Float 3000 Puff boasts an enticing selection of 25+ aromas. So no matter what your customers love, you can help them dive into incredible juicy fruit options like Strawberry Banana, Tropical Delight, and Strawberry Mango. For a refreshing twist, consider investing in mint flavors like Aloe Mango Melon Ice, Lush Ice, Cool Mint, and Blue Raspberry Ice. If there is someone who wants to challenge their taste buds, make sure to present them with the intriguing Pina Polo, or Red Bang aromas for a unique experience.

Funky Republic Fi3000 showcases a diverse range of 15+ original flavors. Standout options include Strawberry Peach Sakura, which is a perfect fruit blend, and menthol treats like Mountain Ice, Watermelon Ice, and Blue Mint Rose. Rest assured that no matter what your customers' likings may be, you will be able to offer them an aroma that will fulfill all their needs perfectly.

The Power of Wholesale

For your wholesale purchases, look no further than Vanilla Blue Distro. Whether you lean towards the Flum Float 3000 puff disposable vape wholesale 10 pack or the Funky Republic Fi3000 disposable vape wholesale 10 pack, rest assured you're choosing from among the most sought-after options in the market. With their distinctive features, exceptional puff counts, and a plethora of delightful flavors, these devices stand as epitomes of vaping excellence.

So, make sure to discover why both Flum Float 3000 Puff and Funky Republic Fi3000 are coveted choices for an unparalleled vaping adventure as soon as possible.

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