Flavorful Candy King Air 6000 - Choose Your Aroma in Wholesale Pack

Having some top-notch devices as a part of your offer is a secret to running a successful business. But what is even more important is to have a variety of aromas available for everyone who comes into your vape store searching for a delicious vaping experience.

That is why today we are excited to talk about one of the latest disposables that we love a lot, Candy King Air 6000 puff disposable vape wholesale 10 pack. Not only does it perform perfectly, but it is made in some one-of-a-kind aromas that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding vapers.

In case you are on the hunt for some amazing mouth-watering aromas, a spectacular Candy King Air 6000 has got you covered. Thanks to a reliable supplier Vanilla Blue Distro, ordering this device in bulk has never been easier. You will be able to treat your customers to a savory vaping adventure they will always like to go back to!


Irresistible Tastes Waiting to Be Savored


The world of vaping has witnessed a recent surge in the popularity of sweet aromas, making it a prevailing trend among enthusiasts. Embracing this aromatic wave, Candy King Air presents a diverse array of exquisite options that cater to the evolving preferences of vapers. Delving into the realm of sensory delight, these flavors not only tantalize the taste buds but also help everyone step up their vaping game. 

Let’s start our luscious guide by describing a flavor called Gush Fruits. From the first inhale a burst of mixed berries dances will deliver a juicy explosion that mirrors the sensation of biting into ripe, succulent fruits. The subtle undertones of tropical sweetness add layers to the experience, making it refreshing and vibrant. This aroma is like a fruit basket in vapor form, an irresistible blend that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

Moving on to Peachy Rings that deliver the sweetness of sun-ripened peaches mingling with the chewy goodness of peach ring candies. Each puff is a journey into the world of confectionery bliss, where the authentic peach flavor takes center stage, accented by subtle sugary notes. This aroma captures the essence of childhood treats and it is one of those aromas that vapers just cannot get enough of.

Pink Squares is created for anyone who wants to experience the luscious sweetness of strawberry and pink taffy. This is one of the most-wanted aromas from this bunch, and considering how great it is, that comes as no surprise. It is a delectable choice for those with a sweet tooth, which makes it a perfect addition to your shelves.

Blue Razz Straws is a carefully designed mixture of blue raspberries and sour candies. The sweetness is perfectly balanced, creating an experience that is both bold and refreshing. Each puff is a celebration of the iconic blue raspberry flavor, wrapped in the nostalgia of carnival treats, which makes it one of the most unique choices on the market.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum tastes as delicious as the name itself suggests. With each draw, the harmonious dance of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon unfolds, creating a flavor profile that mirrors a summer fruit medley. What sets this aroma apart is the subtle undercurrent of bubblegum, which adds a playful twist to the classic combination.

The aroma called Strawberry Rolls is also incredible. It is a perfect mix of succulent fruit and sour candies which deliver a special twist to this aroma. Overall, it is a delicious escape into a world where dessert dreams come true, and we recommend adding it to your cart.

If you are on the hunt for an apple-based aroma, Hard Apple is a way to go. It pays homage to the timeless flavor of freshly picked apples, and we love using it from time to time. It is a celebration of the pure and unadulterated taste of this classic fruit, making it a must-try for those who appreciate the simplicity of well-crafted aromas.

The aroma with the most interesting name is for sure Gummy Worms. The notes used for this flavor are bold and varied, creating a delightful vaping experience that brings back the carefree joy of childhood treats. It is a whimsical and flavorful escape into the world of candy-inspired vaping, and it is one of those aromas that will for sure attract more people to your store.

Another appetizing choice is Rainbow Dweebz! Each inhale is a burst of rainbow-infused joy, with the medley of candy-like flavors dancing on your taste buds. Vapers would enjoy reveling in the vibrant spectrum of flavors every time they use this flavor.

Sugar Batch is next on our list, and it is an aroma that encapsulates the charm of a perfectly blended sugary treat. From the first use, the sweet and velvety notes unfold, creating a friendship of confectionery delight. The flavor profile is a harmonious combination of various sugars, delivering a complexity that keeps taste buds intrigued. Sugar Batch is a gourmet journey into the world of sweet indulgence, and it combines cherry, lemon, lime, and sour candy in the best way possible.

Sweet fish candies hide behind a flavor called Swedish Gummy. The balance of sweetness and tartness creates an unforgettable vaping experience. We are sure that many people would be intrigued to try out this aroma, so why not give them that pleasure?

White Gummy is also an incredible option. This aroma is a true tropical paradise, and we are sure that many vapers would like to have it by their side, especially during these colder days.

But, if you know that some menthol-based aromas are always selling fast, pay close attention to Mint Fresh. The icy chill effortlessly clears the palate, providing a clean and revitalizing experience that everyone searches for from time to time. Mint Fresh strikes the perfect balance between intensity and smoothness, and that is why we love it so much!

The entire range of aromas is waiting for you exclusively at Vanilla Blue Distro, so make sure to make your order as soon as possible, and improve your offer!
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