Dive into Wholesale Excellence: Raz TN9000 vs. LuffBar TT9000

Every shop owner knows that opting for devices that are available wholesale comes with a lot of benefits, and, most importantly, it can help them stand out in the highly competitive market. As the vaping industry keeps on growing, owners need to find new ways to stay at the top of their game, and choosing a reliable wholesale supplier is one method to do that.

A trustworthy supplier, such as Vanilla Blue Distro, can help you get your hands on some of the best-selling devices on the market, and offer them to your loyal customers. When opting for disposables that come in bulk, you will notice significant cost savings, since you will reduce per-unit expenses. This will lead to substantial economic benefits, without having to compromise on quality.

Moreover, you will have a steady supply for your customers, who know that in your store, they can only find game-changing devices. They will know they will find everything they need in one place at all times. This will enhance the trust they have in your shop, which will ultimately lead to increased sales.

But, the key is to choose products you want to have as a part of your inventory very carefully and select only those that can appeal to the needs of vape enthusiasts. With so many products being made all the time, finding the best ones may be more difficult than ever. But, that is why we are here! To talk about some outstanding disposables worth investing in! Today, we will praise two exceptional creations, Raz TN9000 Puff, and LuffBar TT9000, and tell you what makes them so perfect!

Countless Number of Puffs Within Easy Reach 

We are sure that you have already noticed that when people are coming into your store to grab a new device, they are the most interested in the number of puffs they will be awarded. Nowadays, the majority of them are on the hunt for disposables that offer thousands of luscious draws they can use for an extended period of time. We think that the days of products that store a small amount of e-juice are long gone, so it is imperative to offer some devices that align with new trends. 

Both devices we are presenting today are made to treat users to approximately 9000 puffs, which is very noteworthy. Since these disposables are made using only premium components, each draw will be of the same intensity and equally smooth and velvety. 

Customizable Vape Sessions

As time passes by, vapers' appetites are increasing, and they don't want to deal with devices that are just fine. They want something remarkable that can help them customize the way you vape. Raz TN9000 and LuffBar TT9000 showcase innovative features, whose role is to make vaping as personalizable as possible. Both have smart power screen display windows and two light indicators. The first one is the battery indicator, which keeps users informed about the battery level. They will know when is the right time to put the charger into action and bring it back to life. The second indicator is engineered to provide details about the e-juice level. That is how vapers will know when they will run out of it, and when is the perfect time to visit your store again and find their next puff maker.

Additionally, both boast advanced duel mesh coils, so anyone using it can be sure that the flavor intensity will be spectacular and that they will not have to experience those dreadful burnt draws ever again!

Premium Collections of Luscious Aromas 

Apart from their concern about the puff number they will be getting, vapers also pay close attention to the flavors being offered to them. The best thing about vaping is that it is very versatile, and allows us to experience something new with each device and each aroma we try out.

When opting for Raz TN9000 Puff Wholesale 10 Pack you will have the privilege to choose from 16 aromas, made to cater to the needs of even the most demanding vape enthusiast. So, no matter the preferences of clients coming to your store, you can offer something to everyone. Fruit-based aromas are always among the most-wanted ones, and options such as Cherry Lemon, Banana Coconut, and Orange Raspberry will appeal to many people. There are some unique ones as well, and some of our favorites are Vicky and Tiffany. Just their names will make vapers wonder what they taste like, and make them test them out.

On the other hand, we have LuffBar TT9000 Wholesale 5 Pack, available in 15 flavors. It has some of the best minty options we have seen recently, so stocking up on them would be a smart business move. Flavors we are sure will be sold well are Watermelon Ice, Blue Razz Ice, and Alaska Ice. But, we have to give a special shout-out to Summer Peach Ice since we think it is perfect for warmer days that are finally approaching.

Beginner-Friendly Disposables 

You may never know who your next client is going to be, so you need to have something in stock for everyone. One of the greatest things about Raz TN9000 and LuffBar TT9000 is that they can be used by those who are vaping for a very long time, but also those who are just starting to vape will love it as well. They require no maintenance, and using them is pretty straightforward. 

Their designs are incredible as well, and they can fit the palm of users’ hands perfectly. Due to their size, they can be carried around with ease and used whenever the craving emerges. Both boast 50mg of salt nicotine, which is very pleasant for the throat. 

There you have it. Two supreme disposables, waiting for you exclusively at Vanilla Blue Distro. Think carefully about which will fit into your already existing product range best, and make your order. Regardless of your choice, we are sure that your customers will enjoy trying them out!

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