Discover a Multitude of Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff Flavors Available in Bulk

It is estimated that approximately 86 million people worldwide vape. This just shows how popular vaping is, and since the vaping industry has experienced significant growth recently, owning a vape shop comes with a lot of benefits. By choosing the best devices to offer to your clients, you can establish and grow your business and offer only high-quality products to anyone coming to your store.

It is crucial to carry a wide range of products and to do that you need to have a reliable supplier that will help you get a hold of high-quality disposables, accessories, and e-liquids at the best prices. That is when Vanilla Blue Distro steps into the scene, by offering only genuine products which come in wholesale packs.

As always, we are recommending only crème de la crème, and today is no exception. It is our pleasure to walk you through one of the current best-sellers, Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff, and tell you about its exceptional array of aromas. We are sure this device will be one of the most-wanted in your store, and in order to cater to the needs of numerous vapers, it is key to give them flavor options. 

So, get ready to find out what your choices are, and don’t forget that each one of them will be waiting for you at Vanilla Blue Distro any time you are ready to make your order and step up your inventory game. 


Mint Aromas for the Win 


We are sure that many of your loyal customers will be glad to see Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 on your shelves, and that they will be eager to try it out. Without any doubt, they will ask for some menthol-based flavors which can deliver great satisfaction with each puff.

The first aroma you can opt for is called Mint. It is simple yet effective at the same time, and it will be loved by a plethora of vape enthusiasts. Watermelon Mint will add a dash of fruity notes to the mix, and it is one of those flavors that are always among the most popular ones.

In case you think that some other fruit blend will be in demand, then you can opt for Blueberry Mint, Lemon Mint, Strawberry Peach Mint, Banana Mint, or Pomegranate Berry Mint. Each of these flavors is made using only premium ingredients, so rest assured that anyone who tries it out would like to repurchase them over and over again, which will make them go back to your store.

The ultimate cold aroma is Spearmint. It can provide a smooth and cooling sensation which makes it perfect for everyday use. Each draw will satisfy vapers’ cravings and treat their taste buds to incredible sensation.

Menthol is also old but gold, so opting for it is always a smart business move. With each inhale, vapers can expect a tingling sensation in the throat and a refreshing, minty taste which will leave them always wanting for more.


The Power of Fruit Bliss


Calling a flavor collection supreme is not possible unless it offers some unparalleled fruit mixtures. Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff wholesale 10 pack comes in various aromas of this kind which will look amazing on your shelves.

Grape delivers a fruity and slightly tart explosion that can be enjoyable for vapers. Citrus reminiscent of a citrus orchard on a sunny day, and that is why it has been one of our top picks. Blueberry Banana creates a delightful and well-balanced flavor profile that brings together the sweetness of ripe blueberries and the creamy richness of bananas. This blend creates a deliciously sweet yet subtly creamy vaping experience which so many people love.

Cherry Lemon aims to provide a balance between the bold sweetness of cherries and the invigorating acidity of lemons. On the other hand, Orange Mango Watermelon is designed to appeal to vapers who enjoy a diverse and fruity combination. With each puff, your customers will be able to enjoy the tropical richness of mango and the juicy, summery essence of watermelon.

Having Raspberry Lemon as part of your inventory is always a great idea. It creates a dynamic and well-balanced vaping adventure, so why not add it to your cart? Pineapple Coconut captures the essence of a tropical getaway, which we all desire from time to time.

For all the fans of one of the most famous beverages in the world, Cherry Cola is a perfect choice. It is made to deliver the sweet and fruity essence of cherries and the familiar taste of a classic Coca-Cola.

Another amazing option is Blue Raspberry, a popular flavor choice among vapers for its bold profile. Strawberry Kiwi brings together juicy notes of ripe strawberries with the tartness and tropical essence of kiwi, which is always a very popular blend. Blueberry Watermelon provides a burst of fruity and refreshing notes with each puff, and many vapers will be excited to try it out.

Everyone who is on the hunt for classical tobacco aromas will love to explore the power of Vanilla Tobacco and Tobacco. They are made to provide a satisfying and flavorful alternative to smoking, catering to those who appreciate the rich and robust characteristics of tobacco but desire a more diverse and nuanced flavor experience.


Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff not only tastes great, but it performs perfectly as well. It is made using only premium components, and it will deliver premium vape production. It is a draw-activated device which makes it perfect for those who are just starting to vape. Also, it doesn’t require any maintenance, which contributes to hassle-free vaping.

Thanks to its compactness it can be carried around with ease, and we are sure that numerous of your clients would like to discover all its perks. So, don’t waste much time, visit Vanilla Blue Distro, order Breeze Smoke Pro Edition 2000 Puff wholesale 10 pack today and treat your customers with a remarkable disposable. 

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