Raz CA6000 Puff Disposable Vape Wholesale 10 Pack - Available Aromas

Vaping has become a huge trend, and in case you are a vape store owner we are sure you are constantly on the hunt for new devices that will attract even more people to your shop, and make your loyal customers even more satisfied. 

Still, it can be quite difficult to know which product deserves a place on your shelves, and that is why we are here to help you and recommend some one-of-a-kind disposables that will sell out in an instant. One of those is without any doubt Raz CA6000 puff disposable vape that has rapidly gained its place in the best-selling category.

And considering its amazing range of aromas, that comes as no surprise. When ordering this device, you will be able to choose from 10+ flavors of the supreme quality. In case you are curious to discover what you can expect from the collection, make sure to stay with us until the end. We will help you make the best decision and improve your sales. 


Must-Have Icy Aromas


If there is one thing we can guarantee is that the majority of vapers cannot imagine their vaping journey without some outstanding menthol-based aromas by their side. They provide instant refreshments, and they are perfect for everyday use.

When ordering Raz CA6000 puff disposable vape device 10 pack a few outstanding options are waiting for you. The very first one is Spearmint, the ultimate revitalizing aroma. It delivers a true punch of vigor with each puff, so using it is always a great idea.

Moving on to Watermelon Ice, one of the most loved choices. This aroma has a perfect ratio of fruity and minty notes, and it will cater to the needs of even the most demanding vapers. We are sure that this aroma will be highly requested, so make sure to make it a part of your offer.

Alaskan Mint will for sure draw a lot of attention as well. It mirrors the crisp, invigorating air of the Alaskan wilderness and we are sure that so many people would go back to it over and over again. It is not overpowering which makes it perfect for constant use.

Miami Mint captures the essence of the cool coastal breeze of Miami's beachfront, and we are sure that it would bring much joy to anyone who decides to use it. The experience that it provides is a harmonious fusion of minty coolness which is very unique.

Ordering any of these flavors would be a smart move, so make sure to think about which ones would be the best addition to the inventory, and make an order as soon as possible. 


Fruitish Aromas are Essential

One of the things that makes vaping so amazing is the versatility that it provides. With each new device, you can experience something new, and surprise your taste buds with new amazing flavors. And opting for some remarkable fruit-based aromas is a perfect way to do that.

Raz CA6000 puff disposable vape device 10 pack is available in numerous options of this kind, and each one will for sure be much loved by people visiting your store. The first on the list is Lemon Lime, a tantalizing combo of citrusy freshness that awakens your senses with each hit. This citrusy delight harmoniously intertwines with the subtle sweetness of ripe limes, creating a perfect balance we cannot stop using.

If you are on the lookout for something juicier, Strawberry Kiwi is just what you need. After the first inhale, vapers will be greeted by the sweet, succulent essence of sun-ripened strawberries. The flavor bursts forth with a juicy, berrylicious goodness that is simply exceptional.

Another amazing option, and also one of our favorite ones, is called Peach Pear. It is a match made in heaven and we strongly advise not missing out on it. This mixture of orchard-fresh fruits transports everyone’s senses to a sun-drenched garden with each inhale, and it is definitely one of the best-tasting aromas from this bunch.

Georgia Peach is majestic as well, and it will provide a tasty excursion that captures the charm of sun-ripened peaches grown beneath the warm Georgia sun. It envelops the senses, offering a taste that's both irresistibly succulent and imbued with the natural sweetness of the orchard.

Crushed Berries tastes as good as it sounds, and it would be an ideal extension of your collection. With each draw, the soul of crushed berries fills the air, leaving behind a fragrant trail of their natural, juicy sweetness. It is perfect for both new vapers and long-running ones as well since it won’t cause any throat irritation.

You also need to consider ordering a flavor called Mango Mania, which is designed to take fans of vaping to tropical areas. The flavor is like biting into a perfectly ripened mango, and it will for sure be a first choice for everyone who wants to satisfy their cravings with some distinct aroma.



Groundbreaking Flavors Worth Your Attention


We cannot leave you without mentioning some monumental flavors that are waiting for you when opting for the incredible Raz CA6000 puff disposable vape. One of the most distinguished ones is Hawaii Sunset, and considering how good it is, we are sure that we will use it for a very long time. Whenever we use it, it takes us straight to the tranquil beauty of a Hawaiian sunset, and it leaves our senses calm and content.

Cactus Jack is as intriguing as it is distinctive, and your customers need to try it out! It offers a fantastic vaping experience that everyone deserves to encounter.

Finally, we need to mention that Tobacco is also available, and it is a good fit for everyone who loves timeless aromas made using only high-quality ingredients. Each puff brings the deep, earthy notes of tobacco leaves. This flavor is robust and satisfying, so make sure to add it to your cart.

The entire range of flavors is available exclusively at Vanilla Blue Distro, a reliable supplier, which can be your perfect partner in the fast-paced world of vaping. 


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