Juul Menthol & Virginia Tobacco Pods Review

Whether you’ve just entered the fantastic world of vaping or have been among the millions of satisfied consumers for some time, you must hear about Juul. 

Established in 2015 to help tobacco smokers change their life for the better, Juuls gained the trust of numerous vaping beginners and veterans in no time. Sleek and minimalistic design, superb e-liquid ingredients, and a rechargeable device that comes with 1-year warranty are just some of the reasons for their fame. 

However, one of the most important things for demanding vapers is the flavor quality. This is the precise topic we are about to cover today, so if you are interested to learn more about two of the most requested original Juul flavor pods, you are welcome to stay with us. We will present you with Juul Menthol and Juul Virginia Tobacco pods in the upcoming text, and in case you’ve already decided to purchase genuine Juul products, you can find them at our Vanilla Blue Distro vape shop and expect them to be at your doorstep in the shortest time possible. 

What Exactly Is a Juul Pod?

A Juul pod is a non-refillable and disposable cartridge that contains e-liquid with nicotine. One of the best things about the Juul device is that it is super easy to use as it doesn’t include any buttons, and it is draw-activated. So, all you need to do to go on the delicious vaping journey is to insert the pod into the device’s body, and that’s about it. Each pod comes with 0,7 mL of vape juice, and you can choose between 3% and 5% nicotine strength. You will be able to take over 200 puffs from each cartridge, and simply replace it with another once the juice is gone. 

When it comes to pods’ ingredients, Juul made sure to develop the e-liquid formulation under strict quality-controlled processes which resulted in manufacturing a premium e-juice that is worth your attention and money. They use pharmaceutical grade PG (propyl glycol) and GL (glycerol) as the base ingredients that ensure you enjoy the dense clouds. The mixture of artificial and natural ingredients in flavoring give the Juul pods that characteristic taste, while the pharmaceutical-grade nicotine will satisfy the cravings and keep you happy longer. The pods also contain benzoic acid. 

All the materials in Juul products are evaluated and approved by the advisory committee, and they respect the given policies governing the number of chemicals allowed in their products. That’s achieved by routine toxicology testing and extensive research on how to improve the quality of e-liquids. 

Juul Menthol Pods – Refreshing Yet Not Too Intense

If you are a passionate vaper who appreciates each puff equally, you probably wish to experience all of them to the maximum. Sometimes if the e-liquid with the mint flavoring is too strong and cool, that becomes impossible. Luckily, Juul did an exceptional job with their evergreen Juul Menthol flavor pods, so you don’t have to worry about being overly freshened up with these. 

After the first draw, you’ll feel the subtle cooling of the mouth and throat which is shortly after reduced and transformed into a subtly sweet scent that stays on the top of your tongue. If you like mint, these pods are a great solution for you since the flavor is clean and pure. However, the throat hit remains potent even though the aroma is smooth, so you’ll surely enjoy a breath of fresh air that comes with the Juul Menthol pods. 

For those who like to keep their stacks full of high-quality Juul pods, we offer Juul Menthol Pods wholesale solution that is gentle on your wallet and a powerful ally in fighting against tobacco smoking. Each package includes 4 pods with 3% or 5% of nicotine. 

Juul Virginia Tobacco Pods – The Most Demanded Flavor

This American blend-style tobacco is a bestseller that you surely mustn’t miss. If you just stopped smoking, this edition could help you get a similar experience just without the ash, tar, and nasty smell which is one of the prime reasons for its huge popularity. Juul certainly made sure that the transition from regular tobacco to vapes is as smooth as possible since their pods come incredibly close to it. 

The main advantage of these particular pods is that the tobacco flavor is much smoother and classier than with similar e-liquids. Each puff hits hard yet keeps gentle on your throat, so you can vape all day long and still feel comfortable. Even though you might think that the e-liquid must have a high nicotine percentage to keep you satisfied, we are sure that Juul Virginia Tobacco pods will change your mind. The flavor and aroma are strong and clean with nutty notes in the background which only enriches the whole experience.

We also offer our special vape pods wholesale for Juul Virginia Tobacco, so go for it if you wish to save some money and never experience the frustration of not having another delicious Juul pod by your side. The same rule applies to this one too – there are 4 pods in each package, and you can choose between 3% and 5% of nicotine strength. 

What Are the Things You Should Consider When Buying Juul Pods Wholesale?

The first thing you should keep in mind if you are about to buy a Juul pod is that they work only with the original Juul basic device. 

The flavor might be the second thing – in case you are a vaping beginner who is a smoker, you should try tobacco pods which could help you quit. In case you wish to treat yourself to an icy delight that will keep you awake and active for a whole day, you can go with the menthol edition. 

Finally, you should think about the nicotine concentration as well. You can go with 3% if you aren't a heavy smoker and try 5% if you need a more powerful nicotine kick to keep you in a good mood. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you selected a premium-quality vaping product that will exceed your expectations and enrich your vaping experience. 

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