Juul Basic Kit Device Review

From the moment they were introduced in the vaping market in 2015, Juul products have been one of the bestselling devices  Designed and manufactured to provide an utterly similar experience that you get with regular tobacco smoking. Juul vapes are easy to use, delicious, and come with a distinguished minimalist look. 

Their basic series are still ruling the market thanks to all the given properties, but there are more reasons for that. Juul was the first one to establish a closed-pod system where you get the opportunity to use a vape pen without refills and recharge it within 60 minutes once the battery is dead. Besides being an eco-friendly solution, Juul basic kit comes with great value for money thanks to the high-quality pods and exceptionally built device. 

No matter if you are a vaping beginner or a veteran, the Juul device is surely an option that will surprise you and make you include it in your vape collection. If you are eager to learn more about one of the most requested vapes of all time, you can simply stay with us and see for yourself what’s all the fuss about. In case you are ready to treat yourself to a single device or wish to save some money with the Juul wholesale option, we at Vanilla Blue Distro offer the best prices and rapid delivery. 

Simple Yet Attractive Design 

If you wish to avoid flashy and colorful vaping devices, Juul is a great alternative thanks to its elegant and sleek design. Lightweight, compact, and small, this device resembles more to a USB than a regular e-cigarette. It comes with a straightforward rectangular shape, an LED light indicator, and a diamond-shaped window in the upper part of the device that shows the level of the e-liquid. The grip is secure and the build is quite sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the device if dropped. 

Each Juul basic kit device has two parts – the device’s body and the pod with the e-liquid. All you need to take that lovely puff is putting these two together, and once you hear the subtle “click” sound, you are good to go. The device doesn’t include any buttons, there is no hissing sound when taking a draw, and you can easily carry it around wherever you go. 

The discreet and narrow mouthpiece which is the upper part of the pod fits the lips just nicely, and if you are a cloud chaser, you’ll be surprised how this vape with modest dimensions can produce some massive and dense vapor. 

Flavor Pods – What’s Inside and What Are the Options?

Juul flavor pods are sold separately and come in three legendary options – Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and evergreen Virginia. Juuls is transparent about the ingredients of their original e-liquids, so they both consist of GL (glycerol), PG (propylene glycol), nicotine, benzoic acid, and food-grade flavoring. We covered this topic extensively in other blogs, so you are welcome to join us on those too. 

However, we can’t move forward without sharing a few observations about the given flavors. The menthol option comes with a subtle cooling effect without harming the predominant mint aroma, while the Virginia Tobacco offers a pure classic tobacco kick with a hint of nutty notes. Classic tobacco offers a similar experience to Virginia, but with a straightforward and clean tobacco taste. 

 Juul Device Tech Specs

Juul is well-recognized for a great 200w internal battery life which can last for 2 days in case you are a chain vaper and around 4 if you fit into the moderate vapers category. However, it comes with a USB port and charger, and it gets fully recharged within an hour which is pretty impressive. To check the battery life, you can tap the device gently two times and determine its status based on the color – red goes for under 25%, yellow for 25-50%, and green for 50-100%. 

The defect rate is close to zero since the battery is safely stored in the device’s body, and the throat hit you get is extremely satisfying and just enough potent. Since Juul vapes come with 3% and 5% of nicotine strength only, this device is ideal for beginners since throat irritation will be excluded. 

The device is draw-activated, and all you need to do to begin vaping is take a puff. When the device is in sleep mode, you can “wake it” with the two taps as well. Also, the pods come with a 0.7 mL capacity which allows you to take around 200 puffs at least, and we have to mention that the first draw is as delicious as the last one in the pod. 

Bottom Line – Is Juul Worth Your Attention? 

As we mentioned, Juul basic kit device is one of the most requested vaping products of all time, so it is clear that it has a lot to offer. If you wish to find a great alternative to tobacco smoking and kick off the nasty habit once and for all, this vape offers a smooth transition and an enjoyable experience from the start until the finish.

Since Juul eliminated fruity flavor pod options from their palette back in 2019, this might be a dealbreaker for those who prefer them more over the classic minty and tobacco editions. Still, their e-liquids come with a great aroma and exceptional ingredients which is certainly expected from them. Keep in mind that the Juul basic kit works only with Juul pods!

Juul offers one year warranty on the device, and thanks to the well-developed temperature-regulated closed-system vaping technology, you will be able to use the device long after the given period. The package includes 1 rechargeable Juul device that comes in Slate Or silver edition, 1 USB charger, and a user manual. 

If you are a passionate vaper who likes to keep their stock full, we offer the unique Juul wholesale packages for both Juul pods and Juul Basic Kit Devices. Besides fast delivery, you can pick up your products at Fulfilment Center in Brooklyn, and in case you wish to speak to us directly, don’t hesitate to give us a call every day except Saturday.
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