Inhale Success, Exhale Comfort: Must-Have Air Bar Devices for Shop Owners

One of the most important things for everyone who owns a vape shop is to always keep up with the market, and customize their offer based on that. The vaping market is evolving at rapid speed, and new brands, and trends are emerging all the time. Vapers are always on the lookout for new devices that can help them elevate the way they vape, and we are sure they will appreciate being able to find everything in one shop. That is why it is crucial to always stock up on some top-notch disposables that will keep old clients coming back your way, and attract new ones as well. 

Even though numerous brands are competing to emerge as leaders in the vaping industry, there are a few that always manage to stand out thanks to their innovative products. One of them is undoubtedly Air Bar, which has been pushing the limits of extraordinary for a very long time. Each device that has a recognizable Air Bar logo has managed to become a best-seller due to its incredible quality. 

That means that keeping their disposables on the shelves is a must, and today we will go through some of the finest ones. The best thing is that they are now available wholesale, thanks to one of the most trustworthy suppliers in the business, Vanilla Blue Distro. 

More Puffs for Prolonged Vaping Sessions 

Selling devices that only produce a few hundred puffs is not an option anymore. No one wants to deal with constant repurchasing and worrying whether their device will turn its back on them anytime soon. That is why more and more manufacturers are recognizing the need to make devices that can treat their users with an impressive amount of luscious draws. 

Since Air Bar always thinks about the preferences of vapers, they have come out with an incredible Air Bar Nex 6500, which we just cannot stop using. It performs incredibly, it looks even better, and we are sure that everyone coming to your store will be thrilled to give it a puff. 

Air Bar Nex 6500 Puff Wholesale 10 Pack will allow you to have this first-class device always in stock for everyone ready to savor some delectable puffs. One of the best things about this device is that it is available in a spectacular array of aromas. There are 14 flavors waiting for you to order them. Think carefully about what likings of people visiting your shops are, and based on that choose some flavors you believe would sell best. In case you are not sure which one to pick, we think it is always a great idea to start with some great fruit blends, such as Strawberry Kiwi. Also, it is always advisable to have some icy options, and Cool Mint is an exceptional choice.

Super Sleek Devices for On-the-Go Vaping 

We are glad to see that brands are paying a lot of effort to execute sleek devices that vapers can take with them anywhere they go. Air Bar Mini 2000, just as its name suggests, is super tiny, and it is made with portability in mind. Everyone who decides to test it out will be able to effortlessly slip it inside a pocket or purse, and satisfy nicotine cravings whenever.

This small but powerful disposable is draw-activated, which makes it a perfect option for anyone who is just starting to vape. It requires zero maintenance, and as soon as customers purchase it in your store, they can take delight in some of the best vapor on the market. For additional convenience, the Air Bar Mini 2000 Puff Wholesale 10 Pack will secure a fully mess-free vaping experience thanks to the anti-leak technology.

Advanced mesh coils are used for the creation of these marvelous devices, so vapers can expect to experience nothing less than the perfect inhalation and full flavor profile. Burnt draws are things of the past, and Air Bar is doing its best to keep them never coming back into our lives.

Remarkable Collection of Unique Aromas

Air Bar is for sure a trendsetter, and that counts when we talk about the ranges of aromas they create as well. Their devices are made with great attention to detail, and that is why they come in remarkable flavors made using only high-quality ingredients.

One of our all-time favorite disposables is Air Bar Box 3000, available in 35 original aromas. This is for sure one of the most versatile ranges out there, and it is pretty clear why you need to check it out as soon as possible. This device has been one of the most-wanted ones on the market for a very long time, and it seems that vapers cannot get enough of it. And considering how awesome it is, that comes as no surprise!

When it comes to fruit blends, Air Bar Box 3000 Puff Wholesale 10 Pack offers some of the tastiest ones. If you know that your customers gravitate toward some simple yet effective blends, make sure to add Strawberry Mango, Mixed Berries, and Blueberry Raspberry on your shelves. Any of these is ideal for all-day vaping since they are not too overpowering.

If you want to boost your minty offer, then choosing Cool Lemon, Super Mint, Clear Ice, and Watermelon Apple Ice is the way to go. Each one of them will treat users with a breath of fresh air with each puff, and provide a fully rejuvenating vaping experience.

Still, one of the biggest perks of this collection is its rare flavors, which have quite surprising names. Love Story, Orange Shake, Vitamin Water, and Monster Ice are just some of them, and we believe that there are many vapers out there who are excited to test them out. They are worth all the hype, and we cannot wait for everyone who is into vaping to find out how special they are. 

Air Bar is for sure a brand you always need to have on your mind when building your inventory, and luckily, thanks to Vanilla Blue Distro, and their wholesale options, doing that has never been easier! 

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