Fume Ultra 2500 Puff Disposable Vape Wholesale 10 Pack Review

Regardless of whether you're new to vaping or a long-running enthusiast, Fume is a reliable choice that won't disappoint. Despite being a rapidly expanding brand of vape devices, Fume maintains a commitment to product quality and has a dedicated team of professionals constantly working to enhance technology and design with each new release.

So, we had to be among the first ones to test out their new release, Fume Ultra 2500 puff disposable vape. Now, after trying it out for quite some time, we have to mark it with a straight A. It simply has it all - it boasts a stunningly slim and lightweight design, yet it offers a powerful and intense flavor experience. And to top it off, these disposable devices come at an incredibly affordable price point. So, honestly, what’s there to hate about it?

But, since we are sure that you would like to find out more information about it before purchasing, we will gladly assist you and tell you everything we know about it. You will also be glad to hear that Fume Ultra 2500 puff 10 pack is also available, so you can make a decent stack at once, and avoid unnecessary constant repurchases that can be very tiring. 


Unique Design and Easy-to-Use Device 


Disposable vapes are generally very easy to use. They are designed to be simple and straightforward so that even someone who has never vaped before can use them without difficulty.

To use a disposable vape, all you need to do is take it out of the package, remove any caps or covers, and inhale through the mouthpiece. There are no buttons or settings to adjust, and there is no need to charge or refill the device. Once the e-liquid inside the disposable vape runs out, you simply dispose of the product and replace it with a new one. This is the case with Fume Ultra 2500 puff disposable 10 pack as well, so in case you are looking for a gadget that requires zero maintenance, this one is the way to go.

One of the first things you will notice is its design. Fume's product design modifications go beyond mere aesthetic improvements, as evidenced by their latest creation - a disposable vape that boasts both an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and remarkable lightweight and compactness, while also delivering exceptional power and durability. The device's body features a tube design and cylindrical shape, ensuring a perfect fit in the palm of one's hand. Moreover, the matte finish of the anti-slip mold guarantees a secure hold by providing a smooth surface.


Say Goodbye to Charging 


Even though many manufacturers are coming out with disposables that we can recharge as soon as the battery runs off, we still appreciate using some basic items that don’t require the use of any charging cables.

This item features a 1000mAh battery that is built in. It will help you produce approximately 2500 puffs per device, so by buying Fume Ultra 2500 puff disposable 10 pack, you can award yourself with an incredible amount of smooth hits. 

The built-in pod has a generous 8ml e-liquid capacity, with a standard nicotine strength of 50mg. However, despite its potency, users need not worry about throat irritation or excessively strong hits, making this disposable an ideal option for beginners. For those looking to kick the tobacco habit, this product is a perfect alternative, as it provides nicotine satisfaction without the unpleasant odor and associated health risks.


The Most Diverse Flavor Selection on the Market 


Buying This disposable vape is a perfect way for you to stock up on this incredible product whose quality is superb. When making your order, you can choose between 33 aromas, each having proven their quality and secured their place in the brand's premium collection.

What we like the most is the fact that in this supreme range, you can also find some basic, but perfectly made fruit options, that can take us on an unforgettable vaping journey. One of our favorite ones is simply called Strawberry. It is a very delectable vape juice that captures the essence of fresh, ripe strawberries. It boasts a sweet and fruity aroma, with a luscious flavor profile that's both tangy and refreshing. In case you want to add a bit more flavor to this aroma, you need to try out Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, or Strawberry Mango.

When it comes to fresh mint options, you can again take advantage of a few of them. The one we like to use over and over again is Melon Ice. It combines the succulent sweetness of juicy melons with a cool menthol blast. Its invigorating flavor profile offers a delightful combination of succulent and refreshing notes, providing a satisfying experience that's perfect for all-day vaping. If you like to add a pinch of menthol to some other fruit, you can order Banana Ice, Pineapple Ice, Tangerine Ice, or Peach Ice.

For anyone who wants to add a bit of desserted aroma to their days, Fresh Vanilla Cotton Candy, and Bubblegum are a real dream come true. But, the cherry on the top is definitely Rainbow Candy. It is super vibrant, and it offers a delicious blend of fruity flavors, reminiscent of a colorful bag of assorted candies. It is made to deliver a playful vaping experience that's bursting with fruity goodness.

In the end, we need to mention that some tobacco aromas are also here for you. Coffee Tobacco and Cuban Tobacco mimic the flavor of traditional tobacco. They offer a rich, earthy flavor profile that's suggestive of smoking a cigarette, so in case you are finally ready to quit smoking, these flavors will help you do that. There is definitely something for everyone, no matter what your likings are. 

Whenever you are ready to order Fume Ultra 2500 puff disposable 10 pack make sure to visit Vanilla Blue Distro. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled customer service, unbeatable prices, and exclusively authentic devices that will exceed your expectations.
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