Disposable Vapes with The Most Puffs

As the hype for disposables is bigger than ever, the manufacturers need to constantly find ways to satisfy the demanding vapers that are used to exceptional quality. 

You might think that every vaping company has the same goal in their business agenda – to make you buy as many of their products as possible. Even though the high revenue is one of the most important things that keep the vaping manufacturers in the game, some of them decided to offer you a disposable device that will serve you for an entire week or so. We at Vanilla Blue Distro support this business model and are glad to have such products in our stock, but above all, we are more than happy to promote them and let you enjoy them just like we do. Every day. 

If you are interested to learn which disposable vapes come with the most puffs, we advise you to come with us on a thrilling vaping journey that is ahead of us. We have also prepared special disposable vape wholesale packages that come with a big discount and are ready to be shipped to your address as soon as the purchase is done. 

The Mighty Candy King Air

Besides the fact that this device looks attractive and is super easy to use, it has so much more to offer. If you like the disposables that come with the tight draw, you’ll love this one. The mouthpiece fits the lips perfectly, and the grip is secure thanks to its bottle-like shape.

Candy King Air comes with a rechargeable built-in 600mAh battery and 13mL of original e-liquid crafted in the USA with 5% of nicotine strength. This will allow you to take incredible 6000 puffs which is why we decided to put this edition on the top of our list. Once the battery is dead, you can recharge it fully via the USB-C charging cable within 40 minutes. 

The device is draw-activated, portable, and fits easily into your pocket, so it is a great option for those who are constantly on the go. You can choose between 13 different flavors and each comes with a well-familiar candy finish, and besides the Gush Fruits which is one of their top-sellers, we recommend you try Peachy Rings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself to 10 pieces of this amazing disposable vape that come in our unique Candy King Air 6000 puffs vape wholesale package for a reduced price!

Air Bar Box – A Real Classic

Air Bar is a well-known vaping product made by Suorin, and their biggest advantage is managing to make huge progress with each new series. 

Their Box editions come with the familiar Air Bar ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold, while the glossy finish ensures a subtle touch of elegance. The mouthpiece is slightly smaller than with their previous edition, and the draw is a bit tighter as well. 

Thanks to the rechargeable built-in 650mAh battery and 14mL tank, you can take around 5000 puffs with this powerful vaping gadget. Recharging is easy and fast, and you can do that via the regular USB-C charging port. 

The flavor delivery is smooth and exquisite thanks to the mesh coils which heat the whole surface of the heater evenly and by doing so, prolong the device’s durability. Each puff is as intense as the last one, and you never have to worry about the dull or burnt taste of these disposables. The flavor palette consists of 17 different fruity variants, and besides the classics like Mixed Berries, Cherry Lemon, and Strawberry Mango, we suggest you give a try to Kiwi Shake which is a mix of tangy kiwi and soothing milkshake. Learn more about our Air Bar Box 5000 disposable vape wholesale option now and have the 5 pieces package delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Hyde IQ – A Smart Vaping Device

The next device on our list is a real treat for those who like disposables that come with some extra features. Hyde IQ has an adjustable airflow function that allows you to customize the draw and choose a lighter or more potent hit. There is also a LED light indicator that shows the status of 5% nicotine e-liquid in the 8mL tank.

The device comes with an industrial box-shaped chrome design, and a rechargeable battery, and is pre-filled with the 8mL of delightful e-liquid that Hyde is famous for. One of the prime reasons for the velvety draw and consistent flavor delivery is the mesh coil which is integrated into this hot seller. 

There are 20 different flavor options to choose from, and in case you are looking for a refreshing aroma that will keep you in a great mood even on a rainy day, we advise you to try Dew – a mix of lemon and lime with the fizzy finish. Besides fruity blends, Hyde included regular Tobacco and various minty editions into their offer which is great news for those who like to keep it simple. 

This device will ensure you around 5000 puffs, and if you are ready to give it a try and repeat the delicious routine 10 times, check out our best-selling Hyde IQ disposable vape wholesale bundle right away!

Like Floating in the Dense Clouds of Irresistible Aroma? Try Flum Float

Attractive and modern design, smooth to the touch, and even smoother when vaped, Flum Float has been one of the most demanded disposable vapes in the market from the moment it appeared a few months ago. 

Equipped with cotton coils for the exceptionally gentle draw and smooth hit, these disposables are a real treat for every vaping beginner who desires a tender start. However, experienced vapers will appreciate the rich flavor palette that comes in 25 different options. Thanks to the 800mah battery and 8mL e-liquid tank, this device is ready to provide you with around 3000 yummy puffs, and the journey starts as soon as you unpack it and take a draw. 

For those who need an energy boost to feel at their best, Red Band will most definitely keep you awake and active throughout the day, while the Pina Polo will remind you about those sweet vacation memories when all you need to worry about is not getting sunburn. 

Grab your Flum Float vape wholesale package now before it’s too late, and see for yourself why this is one of our all-time favorites.
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