Candy King Air 6000 Puff Disposable Vape Review

Made by Drip More LLC which is one of the leading vaping manufacturers in the US, the all-new Candy King Air promises a unique and enjoyable vaping ride with each puff. 

Besides the attractive and vivid design, these disposables are extremely durable and powerful, but their greatest asset is the special flavor selection which came as a real refreshment in the vaping scene. This is not a big surprise since Drip More is well-recognized for their high-quality e-liquids that have been ruling the vaping market since 2016. 

However, there is so much more to share about these delicious vapes that are already one of the most requested disposables right now, so if you wish to get a detailed insight into this device, we advise you to stay with us. In case you are one of the many vapers who tried the Air and can’t get enough of it, check out our Candy Kind disposable vape wholesale packages right away, and ensure yourself a prolonged enjoyment that remains gentle on your wallet. 

Distinguished Design and Tight Draw

The first thing to notice about the Candy King Air 6000 is how good it looks. It comes with a smooth matte shell design which is brightened up with bold colors, and it remains discreet thanks to its small dimensions. The device feels great and stable in hand, and the mouthpiece is super comfortable. If you like tighter draws, this device precisely offers that, but it is still as silent as possible when active. 

The colors match the taste, and the device comes in a single color or with more depending on the mixture. Even though the new Air can seem a bit robust at the first glance, this vape maintained the crucial disposables’ traits – portability, ease of usage, and zero maintenance requirements. 

Large Tank + Strong Battery = Thousands of Intense Puffs

The disposables market is huge and ruthless, and being at the top is a dream for many and a reality for a few. So, how did Candy King Air become one of the best-selling disposable vapes overnight? 

Besides not being afraid to offer the vapers a slightly different flavor palette, Drip More made sure to produce a technologically impeccable device. It comes with effective anti-leak technology that keeps the device functional for as long as possible, a built-in 600mAh battery, and an incredible 12mL e-liquid tank that will allow you to take around 6000 puffs. 

Another component that is responsible for the exceptional flavor delivery and durability is the mesh coil which you can find within the new Air. They are nearly silent during operation and stay in place, but most importantly, mesh coils heat evenly and last longer than traditional coils. This is how you’ll taste the first puff and the last puff with equal intensity and get some massive clouds on the way. 

Once you try the new Air, you will want to stick to it for a while, and this is precisely why we created our unique disposable vape pen wholesale packages and made so many of you happy. You can rest assured that all the products we keep in the stocks are original and fresh, so all the ten pieces you get in a single package will come with the same characteristics. 

Candy King Air is Rechargeable!

Even though most disposables are meant to be thrown in the trash once the battery is dead, this vape offers a different experience. 

Since the device comes with a huge e-liquid tank that can last up to two weeks depending on your vaping routine, you’ll be able to enjoy it from the first of the last drop of it thanks to the rechargeable battery. You can recharge the vape via a USB-C adapter (not included in the package) and treat yourself to an uninterrupted vaping session, and the best thing is that the device is fully recharged in less than 40 minutes.

Now, if we consider the fact that a single device comes with a price under $15, and our Candy King wholesale offer comes with a special discount too, you can do the simple math and calculate how much money you can save this way. In case you wish to speak to our customer representatives directly and use their expertise to get the explanations you need, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime besides Saturday. 

Ready To Be Blown Away by 13 Sweet Yet Refreshing Flavors? Let’s Dive In

Like its name suggests, Candy King Air 6000 puff comes with a candy-like touch of sweet delight in almost every edition. Above all, Drip More pre-fills the Air disposables with their original TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) e-liquid which has already proven its quality multiple times. 

From Gummy Worms which comes to the taste of the original Neon Gummy Worms taste as much as possible, to Rainbow Dweebs which feels like you took a handful of Rainbow Candies and chewed all of them at the same time, these vapes will bring back the pleasant childhood memories and keep your mood up. 

Blue Razz Straws bring in the well-familiar berry-like blast with the sour candy finish, while the Gush Fruits come with the best mix of the fruit candy flavor. Hard Apple is the best choice for those who like the sour taste of juicy green apples with a touch of sweetness at the end, and Sugar Batch will keep you focused and awake throughout the day with the rush of calorie-free sugar and mix of cherry, lemon, lime, and sour candy.

For those who like menthol vapes, there is an option too – Mint Fresh which comes with an utterly refreshing flavor and a subtly sweet finish in the background. 

Are Candy King Air Disposables Suitable for Beginners?

Based on everything we’ve written so far, you probably could conclude that these disposables are a great choice for both beginners and experienced vapers. Easy to use, draw-activated, super-delicious, and durable, they will cater to the needs of any vaper and help you get rid of the tobacco once and for all. 

We at Vanilla Blue Distro offer amazing Candy King wholesale disposable vape packs, so don’t hesitate to check out our entire offer, save some money, and have the package delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. You can also pick it up at the Fulfillment Center in Brooklyn!

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