Bulk vs. Small Orders: Which Strategy is Right for Your Vape Business?

Whether you’re starting a vape business or expanding your current one, choosing the right ordering strategy is essential. Bulk orders can save you money in the long run, while small orders provide you with more flexibility. Still, there are benefits to both strategies, and understanding these pros and cons can help you make a better decision. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bulk vs. small orders for vape businesses.

So, in case you are about to make an order, but you are not sure which and how many products to buy, stay with us. We will give some tips and tricks that will help you run a successful business, which is for sure your ultimate goal.


Things Retail Owners Have To Consider In Order To Run Successful Shops


As a retail vape shop owner, there are a few things you need to consider in order to run a profitable store. The first is whether to focus on bulk or small orders. It's important to weigh all your options and decide what's best for you. Not everyone has the same goals, so it is crucial to set yours in advance and make moves that will help you accomplish each one of them.

When it comes to bulk orders, ordering them can be cheaper and more efficient, but they require more upfront planning and coordination. Small orders are more flexible and can be easier to fill, but they may cost more in the long run. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what makes the most sense for your particular business and what will suit the needs of your customer as well.

Another thing to consider is your target market. Are you catering to casual smokers or hardcore vapers? This will affect the types of products you stock and the price points you offer. It's important to know your audience and cater to their demands. When ordering in bulk you can always have a few of the same devices at your disposal, so vapers who love them can always find a piece they prefer, without a need to wait for it to be delivered.

Finally, you need to think about your overall marketing strategy. How are you going to get people into your store and keep them coming back? You'll need to have a plan for promoting your business and building customer loyalty. But having some well-loved and best-selling devices in stock is for sure always advised. And wholesale purchases can be very beneficial for this reason. 


Consider Shipping Costs

When it comes to deciding whether to place a bulk order or several smaller ones for your vape business, it's important to consider shipping costs as a key factor in your decision-making process. While it may seem like placing a large order would be the most cost-effective option, the shipping costs associated with it could significantly impact your overall expenses.

When you place a bulk order, the weight and size of the package will be much larger, which means that the shipping costs will also be higher. On the other hand, if you choose to place several smaller orders, the shipping costs will be lower as the packages will be smaller and lighter. However, you may end up paying more in total for the products themselves, as many suppliers offer discounts on bulk orders.

In case you need more information about shipping costs, make sure to talk to experts at Vanilla Blue Distro that will answer all your questions. 

If you are not sure which devices to order next, we have a few recommendations for you. Myle Meta Bar 3000 puff 10 pack, Myle Meta Box 5000 puff 10 Pack, Fume Ultra 2500 puff disposable 10 Pack, Air Bar Mini 2000 puff 10 pack, and Air Bar Diamond 10 pack are just some of the options that are always worth buying in bulk. We are sure that your customers will love them, and keep repurchasing them.

Bulk Orders Can Save You Money 


If you're looking to save money on your vape business's inventory, buying in bulk is the way to go. Vape products are typically sold in small quantities at a high cost per unit, but when you purchase them in bulk, you can get them for a lower cost per unit. This makes it cheaper for you to stock up on inventory, and it also means that you'll have more products on hand when demand is high.

There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering vape products in bulk, however. First, make sure that you order from a reputable source that offers quality products. Second, be aware of storage considerations - you'll need to have enough space to store all of your products safely and securely. Finally, remember that ordering in bulk doesn't necessarily mean that you have to purchase everything at once - you can always order smaller quantities as needed and keep your costs down. That is why 10-pack options available at Vanilla Blue Distro are always perfect choices.


Conclusion: Why Buying In Bulks Is More Beneficial


When it comes to running a successful vape business, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make is how to stock your shelves. Ultimately, we believe that buying in bulk is the more beneficial option for most businesses. Overall, you will save money, and you won’t have to worry about running out of stock, which will also award you with peace of mind.

So, as soon as you are ready to expand your offer, make sure to visit Vanilla Blue Distro.  We offer different types of vape devices, so you can be sure that you will find everything you need for your vape store at one place. We will give our best to pack and deliver your order as soon as possible, and ensure that you’ll be able to have the best-selling vape products in stock all the time.
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