Air Bar Nex 6500 Puff vs. Flum Pebble 6000 Puff Disposable

If vaping is your thing, it's likely that you keep a close watch on the market and are up-to-date with the latest devices being launched. So, you may have already heard that the Air Bar Nex 6500 puff and Flum Pebble 6000 puff, two powerful vapes, have finally hit the market and are available for purchase.

Yet, you may be unaware of what sets these vaping products apart and which one outperforms the other. To address this, we've prepared comprehensive evaluations of these vaping devices to enlighten you on their recent popularity and help you choose the one that is more your cup of tea.

Both of these products boast impressive characteristics, stylish designs, and a wide range of delightful aromas. Ultimately, the personal preferences of your clients will determine your choice, and we're here to assist you in making that decision.


The Best Two Stylish Disposable Options Available


The appearance of disposables is undoubtedly crucial. Bulky devices are inconvenient to carry, so they must be compact enough to fit into your pockets or purse without any hassle. After all, if we cannot keep them with us at all times, their purpose is defeated.

So, having one of these two devices with you at all times is a wise decision. With their perfect fit in your pocket or purse, you can indulge in your cravings anytime you want.

When it comes to Air Bar Nex 6500 puff disposable 10 pack, this petite and space-saving gadget can provide you with 6500 puffs, and with its uniquely designed mouthpiece, you can savor every inhale. It is available in different colors, which are coordinated with various flavors. This means that once you choose your preferred flavor, you'll also discover the color combination that comes with it. This vaping gadget is conveniently small and an excellent option for vaping while on the move. Its ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable fit in your hand.

On the other hand, we have Flum Pebble 6000 puff disposable 10 pack, which is a bit more rounder. It is for all those vapers who adore pastel colors. Its ultra-thin design and tapered mouthpiece are an ideal fit for your lips. You can indulge in well-balanced puffs wherever you go, and to be exact, you can relish up to 6000 puffs, which is quite remarkable.

These devices have excellent designs, and we highly recommend them to those who are new to vaping. Their draw-activated feature and lack of buttons make for a seamless and stress-free vaping experience.


Let’s Discuss Batteries 


It's great news that most devices today use rechargeable batteries, allowing us to utilize every last bit of e-liquid provided. While both of these devices feature built-in rechargeable batteries, their power output differs slightly.

Air Bar Nex is made using a 650mAh battery, while the people behind the Flum device, decided to use a 600mAh built-in battery. So, as soon as you see that the power is running low, make sure to use your charging cable, and secure a superb vaping adventure.

That is how you won't have to waste any of the e-liquid stored inside your device. If you opt for the Air Bar contestant, you will be awarded a 15ml tank capacity, while the other disposable comes with 14mk of vape juice.

But, there is one similarity between them. Both will deliver 50mg of sal nicotine, so rest assured you will be enjoying some high-quality puffs all the time. The intensity of each will be the same, and you will experience some smooth and well-balanced vapor.

We recommend this nicotine level for novice vapers as it provides a balanced hit that won't cause throat irritation. For experienced vapers looking for a smooth inhale, this nicotine strength will suffice.


Mesh Coils Are a Way to Go 


It is crucial to note that both vapes utilize top-notch mesh coils, resulting in an exceptional flavor experience and the ability to generate substantial clouds.

Mesh coils in vape disposables are highly regarded because they offer several advantages over traditional wire coils. They allow for more efficient and even heating of the e-liquid, resulting in better flavor production. Also, they produce larger clouds of vapor. Mesh coils also tend to last longer than traditional coils due to their design, which reduces the likelihood of hotspots or dry hits.

Therefore, it is always advised to choose devices made using these components, and both of the items we talk about today are great choices.


Do These Disposables Provide Distinctive Flavors?


If your selection of vape disposables depends on the variety of flavors available, then you should know that the latest products offer an exciting range of options.

Air Bar Nex stands out by providing 14 unique flavors, including a selection of delectable fruit choices, as well as some menthol-based alternatives. If you are on the hunt for some basic flavors, we advise you to stock up on the one called Clear, which is the epitome of crisp menthol. So, why not take advantage of Air Bar Nex 6500 puff disposable 10 pack offer and provide this best-selling aroma to all of your customers?

If you think that they would be interested in some great fruit combinations, then you need to purchase Pineapple Mango, which will provide incredible sweetness with each hit.

If Flum Pebble 6000 puff disposable 10 pack finds its way to your shelves, you can choose from 29 aromas, which is one of the best selections on the market. You can never go wrong with having a flavor called White Gummy as a part of your offer, since it is one of the most original options available. Surely, Passion Kiwi, Peach Orange, and Apple Grapefruit are always great picks. 

No matter which product you end up deciding to purchase, or which aromas, make sure to choose Vanilla Blue Distro as your reliable supplier. Here, you will find only original devices, sold at the best prices. In case you have any more concerns, you can always talk to customer representatives that will provide you with all the needed information.
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