Air Bar Mini 2000 Puff Disposable vs. Air Bar Diamond Disposable - Differences and Similarities

Choosing the right disposable vape device can be difficult. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. If you’re looking for a reliable vape, two of the most popular ones made by the well-loved brand Suorin are Air Bar Mini 2000 puff disposable and Air Bar Diamond disposable. In this text, we will compare and contrast these two in terms of their differences and similarities. We will look at their design, flavors, battery life, nicotine content, and more to help you find the right device that fits your needs. Read on to learn more about these two game-changing disposables!


Which Device Has a Better Design?


First impression always counts a lot, and when it comes to disposables, it is very important what our initial thoughts about their looks are. In regards to the devices we talk about today, they both have their own unique style.

The Air Bar Mini 2000 puff 10 pack has a sleek and modern look, while the Air Bar Diamond 10 pack has a more luxurious and glamorous design. However, both are easy to use and come in a variety of different colors to choose from.

Bar Mini is a compact and lightweight disposable vape that is highly sought after by individuals who enjoy vaping while on the move. It can be conveniently carried in a pocket or purse, and its ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit in the hand.

Bar Diamond boasts a tough and durable shell, making it easy to carry around without worrying about damage. Both are absolutely beginner-friendly devices since they don’t require any maintenance.

When you receive them, all you need to do is to remove them from their packaging and find out how great they are. They have no buttons and they are draw-activated gadgets. So, take your first puff and set off on an unforgettable vaping journey.


Which Disposable Has More Puffs and Better Value For Money?


If you're trying to decide between the Air Bar Mini 2000 puff disposable and the Air Bar Diamond disposable, this is one of the key differences to keep in mind. The Air Mini 2000 puff 10 pack has significantly more puffs than the Air Bar Diamond 10 pack (2000 vs. 500) per unit, which affects the pricing as well.

Because the first one offers more puffs, it is completely logical that it has a stronger battery as well, and it features 600mAh, while Bar Diamond has a weaker, 380mAh internal battery. The great news is that both of them are not rechargeable, so you don’t have to struggle with constant charging. Simply, as soon as you use all the delicious hits, you can throw your devices away. Air Bar 10 pack offer will help you to always have a new product by your side at all times, waiting to be used.


Nicotine Level Is the Same 


When choosing a new disposable, it is very important to pay attention to nicotine level, since that can affect your overall vaping experience a lot. When it comes to these two Air Bar 10 pack options, they are made with 50mg salt nic e-juice, that will deliver extremely tasteful vapor.

Salt nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaf and combined with an acid to create a smoother and more potent form of nicotine. It is commonly used in disposable vape devices as it allows for a higher concentration of nicotine to be delivered to the user with less harshness compared to traditional nicotine. This makes it a popular choice for individuals who are trying to quit smoking, as it closely mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette. So, in case you are finally trying to say goodbye to the nasty habit, these items can be your allies. But, even if you have never vaped before, Air Bar products will introduce you to the world of vaping in the best way possible.

We also have to mention that the Air Bar Mini 2000 puff 10 pack stores 5ml of e-liquid, while the Air Bar Diamond 10 pack will treat you with 1.8ml. No matter which one you choose, you will receive them already pre-filled, so you can vape completely hassle-free. Also, with the advanced new anti-leak technology, these items boast an impressively low defect rate and can spare you from the hassle of messy spills.


Superb Ranges of Delicious Flavors


The Air Bar devices come with two superb ranges of premium flavors. If you decide to give Air Bar Mini a chance, you can choose between 18 aromas. Among them, you will find some incredible fruit, menthol, and tobacco options that will create a true explosion of well-balanced notes with each inhale. Even though each one of them is supreme, today, we will mention just a few of our favorites, since we believe that they are truly unique. The first one is Peach Mango Pineapple, which is one of the best mixtures we have tried out recently. In case you need to taste menthol when vaping, make sure to buy Black Ice, which combines blackberry and menthol perfectly. Finally, trust us when we say that Rainbow Blast is one of the most special aromas on the market, and you have to try it!

But, if Air Bar Diamond suits you better, 42 flavors are waiting for you, which is incredible. No matter what you love, there is no chance that at least one aroma will not suit you perfectly. One of our favorite ones of all time is Red Mojito and we cannot imagine not having it by our side at all times.


Buying Air Bar 10 pack is a perfect way to get a hold of a disposable you like more at great pricing, and fill in your stocks. We always advise buying any vape-related devices from certified stores, and Vanilla Blue Distro is one of them. In case you need any additional information, you can always turn to the team of experts for help.
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